Tram Editions is closed for the time being – we will probably open up again in June of 2023. These are our guidelines. Good luck, and looking forward to reading your manuscripts!

–          Manuscripts should be 22-40 pages in length and from authors based in the United States. (We can’t afford the postage for authors based outside of the USA).

–          We read poetry and hybrid forms.

–          Manuscript should be original material by the author, and while individual pieces may have been previously published the manuscript must not have appeared elsewhere as a whole.

–          Authors may only submit one manuscript per submission period.

–          Include an acknowledgements page if any of the work within has been published elsewhere.

–          We accept .DOCX and .PDF formats. If you’re doing something formally unique, a PDF probably would better reflect your intentions.

–          Subject line MUST include your first and last name and, all one word, TRAM22. 

–          Read the mission statement on our About Page and include one sentence that addresses why you think Tram Editions is the right publisher for your work.

–          Include a short 50 Word biographical statement.

Entry is free! Submission fees are predatory.

If you don’t follow the guidelines we cannot consider your work, and your submission will likely be lost in our inbox.

Send all queries and submissions to trameditions at gmail dot com. We’re looking forward to reading your work!